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A little bit about my books

Real Estate - a guide to buying and to selling properties 


Everything you should know about real estate to make a good investment. 

Lack of expertise can be corrected with lessons from this book. You will understand how to finance a property and how to pay taxes accordingly to the government rules.

This best selling book helped me to be speaker in several events, and also other editors started to see me as an author who translates complicated things into simple ones that everyone can understand.


Investment Funds - knowing them well before investing 

Good investments are made knowing three words - where, how and when. These are the basics to make choices that may guarantee your financial future.  And now you have to decide which is the best option: Saving Accounts, Depositary Receipt or Mutual Funds? WOW ! The last one seems to be more complicated because it has a lot of options to choose from, so you may have more doubts.

The ordinary human being (I am not talking about economists, like me!) prefers to make simple choices. But it is possible to make simple choices when investing in mutual funds and I will show you how to do it in this book. Believe it! It’s easy!


Other books and events I have organized 

One interesting (and funny) way to understand an issue is to organize an event about it! After organizing an event allows one to write about the subject. It happened to me with the books Relationship with banks for SME and Securitization?

I have organized a conference with Fernando Blanco, resulting in this book which explains credit and banking relationships from the perspective of someone who has been working on the subject or the past 3 decades! (I am talking about Fernando, not ME!). After this, I organized another conference about the financial crisis, bringing together the point of view of companies, banks, academies and lawyers.  


100 questions about a career in finance

I wrote this book to help people who are searching for their dream job. Who has never asked himself or herself about how do great leaders succeed in their position? This question became an exciting topic of research for me and I started gathering information whenever I could. In this mission the role of the Brazilian Institute of Financial Executives was really important in my life, because we organized several events about career. On these occasions we broght together high level executives and young executives to discuss about career; sometimes we brought in particular issues such as marriage and having children. I was invited to be a keynote speaker in a number of career fairs because of this experience!


Regulation and self-regulation 

As explained at the preface of this book "I was glad to know Luiz Calado when I came back to Brazil, after 6 years living abroad. In his professional career he was the head of the self-regulation department at the Brazilian Association of Capital Markets, after his experience in major banks in Brazil. The book is the result of his practical and academical experiences.

(…) this book fulfils its role to help spread the word about regulation of the Brazilian markets. In his work he uses statistics and research data, contributing to the discussion in this matter.


About me


Whenever I can, I make speeches and give interviews. I am an economist whose role is to project the exact Exchange Rate for a given date, or determine if the real estate prices will go up or down this month. I AM JUST KIDDING! I don t think this should be the role for economists.



For more than ten years I’ve been dedicated to understanding the function of capital markets, sometimes making rules for banks or being one of their supervisors. I helped the major program for financial education in Brazil. But I felt like I had to do something more - to help society to understand economy and to be prepared for the future, where sometimes countries and pension funds get broke. Now, I will try to explain how everything affects each one of us.


Since then, I keep writing books and papers, helping people to make the right decisions regarding financial matters.


I was born in Santos, a city sometimes remembered because of Pelé, the soccer player. The city is close to São Paulo, the Brazilian business center. Since I was a teenager, I kept track of real estate prices in Santos. The geography of this island limited the supply of houses. I have never understood why the prices go up and down.



Because of this curiosity I started my undergraduate studies at University of São Paulo, which is the best school in Brazil for economcs. There I wrote one of the first works about human behavior and economics in Brazil.  After finishing my Bachelor's degree in Economy, I got a Master Degree and PhD in Business Management. 



I thought everyone elso would have the same doubts s I did about how economics works; then I started writing books on my conclusions about real estate, mutual funds, career in finance, and other subjects in practical economics. 



Over time, I contributed to over 20 books, organized more than 40 events and received awards.


What other people say about my work


Luiz Calado uses his experience to make a complete text easy to read. And he really knows the subject, since he had long experience in banking. Marcelo Giufrida - CEO at Brazilian Association of Capital Markets



His professional results transformed Brazilian capital markets, as he invented new ways of educate investors. Wilson Levorato - General Manager at Brazilian Federation of Banks.



Luiz Calado really knows it and makes it simple. It is essential for anyone who wants to make the most of their savings. Guillermo Larrain



His books will be useful to understand the concepts and to review our own practices. Doing this we will invest in a smarter and safer way. Cristina Mendes - Director at Brazilian association of market analysts 



Besides his large technical knowledge due to his long academic experience, he has a practical experience as well. José Augusto Miranda - Director at HSBC Brazil




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